Puppy Training

            What is your dog saying? Dogs don’t speak English, Spanish, French or any other

human language; we need to teach them.  We also need to understand their language.

             Puppy hood only come around once.  Research shows that birth to 16 weeks is

considered the “Golden Learning Window” during which puppy learns good habits that will

last a lifetime.  Puppy kindergarten helps people make the most of that important time with

early imprinting, socialization and training your puppy to be a well mannered and

acceptable dog in today’s society.

              We offer  group training class’s, individualized basic and advanced training as

well as behavior modification.    Call us today for class dates or to set up an appointment

Here are some proud parents of some of our graduates.

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Our Head Technician Theresa Wright is certified by Master Dog Training.  She has decades of experience with dogs and believes every dog has it in them to be a model canine citizen.