Diet Recommendations


*Diet Recommendations*
Carmel Holistic Veterinary Clinic
Diet is an integral part in your pet’s health, quality of life and longevity.
A diet rich in WHOLE FOODS with minimal low quality bulking agents (grains, byproducts, etc), additives and preservatives is ideal for promoting good health and optimizing the body’s response to disease. 
We recommend the majority of the diet (50-75%) be a RAW MEAT AND VEGETABLE preparation. We carry an excellent option of Halshan Premium Raw Diets. Balance is best achieved by using various meat and vegetable mixes(onions, grapes & raisins are toxic), including ones that contain ground bone if your pet does not chew bones.
We recommend using a HIGH QUALITY GRAIN FREE DRY FOOD for the minority of the diet (25-50%). We carry an excellent option of Orijen dry food (available in puppy,adult and senior varieties).
We recommend feeding dogs RAW BEEF KNUCKLE BONES 2-4 times a week as a mineral source and to help clean teeth, be advised bones are high in fat and thus a significant caloric source. We recommend introducing bones slowly- allowing 10-15 minutes initially and building slowly to minimize gastrointestinal upset from a new introduction to the diet(Never take the bone from your dogs mouth, distract your dog then remove when he/she is away to avoid any chance of being bitten). If your dog has very soft teeth, enamel damage or is a very aggressive chewer there is a small chance of chipping a tooth. 
**Any DIET CHANGE/NEW INTRODUCTION should be VERY GRADUAL, starting with very small amounts and building over 5-7 days, or 7-14 if your pet has a sensitive stomach.
Regardless of diet choice, MISSING LINK, rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, is a great choice for a general boost to nutrition.
If you choose a diet which is 75-100% Raw Meat and Vegetables then CALL OF THE WILD by Wysong is an excellent means of insuring adequate amounts of calcium and other key vitamins and minerals are consumed.
If you choose a diet which is 75-100% Dry Dog Food then ADD LIFE by Wysong helps boost nutrition by adding elements only found in fresh foods.